Black Label Society, Potergeist @ Terra Vibe


At one of the last live shows of July, we found ourselves in Malakassa in order to bow to a man with loads of talent, a terrific sense of humour and an impressively resiliant liver.

In my opinion a closed space would have been a better fit for this bill. Terra Vibe made the fans seem smaller in number than they actually were.


But first things first. Although I saw Potergeist not too long ago, opening for Corrosion of Conformity, I looked forward to their show. They were flawless again, with a good sound and performance, plus songs such as ‘ Last Punk Standing’ and ‘Southern Crown’. Some of their riffs are bound to excite any crowd. They finished their set with Alex singing litteraly in the crowd, who applauded the band,  deservedly so.


The riff of ‘ The Beginning… at Last’ played at close proximity by Zakk Wylde with his characteristic style is an experience that automatically sets the tone for a great night. The emblematic guitar hero, besides the name, does have the sound and the tricks to impress. We witnessed a one man show, with a great supporting cast, and highlights like ‘Funeral Bell’, ‘Suicide Messiah’ and ‘In This River’, played with photos of Dimebag on the stage.

My only complaint is the following: In a 75 minute set, with so many great songs absent, I’d rather hear a shorter solo or one less jam in order to fit more material in.

Romanos Terzis

Setlist: The Beginning… at Last, Funeral Bell, Bleed for Me, Heart of Darkness, Suicide Messiah, My Dying Time, Damn the Flood, Guitar Solo, Godspeed Hellbound, Angel of Mercy, In This River, The Blessed Hellride, Concrete Jungle, Stillborn