Blood Stain Child – Epsilon

Ι just love reading about bands I don’t know anything about… Especially when these bands are so active, when they are doing so many things… Blood Stain Child come from Japan and “Epsilon” is their fifth studio release! Now picture this: a band playing numerous live shows per year, touring Japan and more, having a bunch of sponsorships and endorsements – even for their clothes! Also, bear in mind they made all that happen within just ten years.
This is one mysterious hybrid of barbaric Metal and Electronica, featuring sequencers blasting and keyboards provide a spacey blanket; then, really FEARSOME guitars cover and seal. Man, those guitars are so powerful, they are so violent… so Pantera-ish! Female lead vox and brutal malevox on the side. I read the press-kit, the band is referred as Cyber Metal. I’d say it’s one of those cases when a female fronted band discovers the mighty Naildown… Female voice is really sweet and the band’s themes sound really interesting. Ι checked some older band videos and they feature mail vox only. Is this a first for the femalevox? I must admit the volume of the guitar blew me away at first, it’s way ahead. Plus, I would like the voices mixed a lil’ bit more forward but that’s just me. Those songs are meant to be played to make your ears bleed and the back of your neck suffer… “Stargazer” is a hit, keys play the theme and, for a few seconds, it’s like Faithless is in the house! Then guitars kick in and it’s open season! So many Electronica influences… even trance traces!

A must for all of you interested in new things in music and the marriage of melody and thunder. Oh, btw, “Sai-ka-no” is a crystal angel!