This is the first solo album for Thin Lizzy’s, and Motorhead guitarist, Brian Robertson, and is really encouraging, because it means that Brian Robertson is still going strong to the music that we love.
“Diamonds And Dirt” contains several surprises and a great band consisted, except from Robbo on guitar, from Europe’s drummer, Ian Haugland, Treat’s bassist, Nalley Pallhson, an ex-MSG singer, Leif Sundin, a special guest vocalist, Rob Lamothe, and angel doing backing vocals, Liny Wood, and a production wizard, Chris Lainey.

Honestly, the feeling you get when Robbo’s foot pushes the wah pedal, that built Kirk Hammet’s career, cannot be described with words. For those moments you get flashbacks from his Lizzy times that become one with what’s on at that time, although the gap is pretty big. The material, most of which was saved from old tapes, is good and decent, while there are a couple gems here and there, like the title-track, the cover of “Running Back” from the monumental “Jailbreak” from ’76, the wonderful “Texas Wind”, and the unique “Passion”.

I am sure that there will be a lot of hints of how Robbo could have had a better career if he was more careful, and didn’t indulge to excesses the way he did, after he left Motorhead, and disappeared from the music scene. Also, his image on Phil Lynott’s tribute, which was captured on DVD, was worrying, however you should never underestimate the heart of a champion… and Robbo has been one, when he was  blowing people’s mids together with his alter ego in Lizzy, Scott Gorham, that actually made Lynott’s outfit shoot for the stars inspiring generations of new musicians with their dual attack, their playing, and mostly their feeling.

So, excitement, and joy is what one should feel listening to this album, since a legendary rock figure is back, and we hope that even better stuff is yet to come.