C.O.P. UK – No Place For Heaven


Just when I was wondering what happened to that band that impressed me with their debut, I discovered on “Fireworks” magazine that changed its name using the initials of “Crimes Of Passion”…

Except from that change there was a whole lot of difference in dynamics, since I haven’t had the chance to listen to their previous album “To Die For” (2011) and had only their debut from 2008 as reference, production, composing, performing and playing. First of all, what was the most exciting thing was how “No Place For Heaven” grabs you from beginning to end. It ideally combines the old with the modern. At one moment you think you listen to Pretty Maids, or a new collaboration of Shaw/Blades, or something good from the ‘90s, when an American modern influence kicks in. It might look irrelevant when you read it, but it makes perfect sense when you listen.

Melody is god here, whether we talk about conceiving the songs, writing them, as well as putting them down on tape and that was something that Sasha Paeth contributed to taking C.O.P. UK by the band leading them to a superb album. Honestly, “No Place For Heaven” is case study of “all killer-no filler” kind of album, since every little detail is taken care of and nothing didn’t end up there in random. From the catchy melody of “The Core” that kicks off the album to the Avenged Sevenfold-style sections on “Halo” and the fast and furious crescendo on “One In A Million” there is not even a second that will leave you indifferent.

Despite music genres, tags and everything else, this is one of the best albums of 2016!