The studio return of the greatest European doom metal band could be nothing less than very important even if we are talking for a four track EP. For yet another time Candlemass present a different lineup since Robert Lowe is behind the mic no more. An old acquaintance is filling his shoes, the man with probably the most impressive resume of the Swedish scene, Mr. Mats Leven. The first presentation of this lineup was through some live shows but without Leif Edling himself, something that definitely raised some eyebrows. These performances didn’t get the best reviews but now the time has finally come to judge the studio result of this collaboration. The first and most important question was if the four tracks of the Death Thy Lover EP would sound like Candlemass or Krux. The truth is that I remain baffled even while writing these lines. Candlemass? Krux? Avatarium? The level of the compositions though fails to meet the Lowe era standards, a mark that definitely produced at least two fine albums. There is a certain lack of volume and intensity and only the instrumental track The Goose shows true signs of Candlemass songwriting.  The reason I am being a strict judge on this EP is that a band of such mythic proportions concerning the genre ought to set the highest standards with each release. Without being a bad release, Death Thy Lover fails to mark a new dynamic beginning for the Leven era. Let’s hope that on the upcoming full length the band will find its pace.