Clutch @ Plateia Nerou


The fifth day of Release Athens Festival was dedicated to hard n heavy music so when the miday storms passed we were ready to get down to the Athenian seashore. The doors opened at 17:00 with the first band getting on stage at 17:40

Whereswilder01“It’s in the making so let’s do it again now”
WHERESWILDER had to play for a handful of people (it’s always hard during the week) but the band didn’t seem to care, with great sound and full of energy they played a 30’ set which covered old (5 tracks) and new stuff (2 tracks,  “No Lover” was great). They were much better than last year (when they opened for Planet Of Zeus at Niarchos) and the ending (“Snow” from Yearling) led everyone for water and shade…
setlist: all wrong / this feeling / something about here / no lover (new track) / new track / show and tell / snow


“Let’s build a house ’cause time is passing/You are mistaken for the feeling remains”

At 18.30 GODSLEEP came on stage and their 35’ set passed by in no time. They played 5 tracks from their latest album Coming Of Age along with “The Call” from Thousand Sons of Sleep. They started with “Ex-Nowhere Man” (the opening track of the album) and they won even those who were skeptical about their change since the first album. Amie (vocals) was passionate and won the motions and the claps from the fans. Lovely closing with “Basic”.

Setlist: ex-nowhere man / unlearn / the call / n.o.u. / basic


“Always awake / Always ready / Always loyal to the pack”
At 19.30 it was time to watch PLANET OF ZEUS and we knew exactly what to expect. They are one of the most popular greek bands for a reason so for 60 minutes we enjoyed their usual powerful performance, their fans(“loyal to the pack”) open the first pits of the day and screaming for them. The band is very strong and experienced now, the musicians have an incredible bond so no matter what they play you can see smiles at the faces of the people no matter if they play a fast song (“macho libre”) or a slow one (“your love makes me wanna hurt myself”), their hold over their home crowd is electrifying. We also had the chance to listen a new track (“revolution cookbook”) from their upcoming album. Obviously the fans went crazy during their hits (“Leftovers”) while the ending was a long jam of “Vigilante”.

setlist: the great dandolos / vanity suit / macho libre / a girl named greed / your love makes me wanna hurt myself / revolution cookbook / something’s wrong / them night / loyal to the pack / leftovers / vigilante


“Always red eyes and tears no more for you my love”
The sun has set over the sea when BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE BAND came on stage. The greek audience seems to love the power trio so they got back a full set (90 minutes long) from the band. The truth is that their setlist was nice (kind of best of and not a promotion of their latest album only) but had some boring gaps. As expected they had some great moments (for example “beat the devil’s tattoo” and “ain’t no easy way”) and the closing tracks (“Spread Your Love” and ”Whatever happened To My Rock N Roll”). I liked the good sound, the vocal switch between Hayes and Been and the stable drumming of Leah Shapiro. Weird fact of their show was the leather jacket of Robert Levon Been that kept it on for 90’!

setlist: red eyes and tears / six barrel shotgun / little thing gone wild / king of bones / beat the devil’s tattoo / 666 conducer / stop / teenage disease / in like the rose / white palms / shade of blues / ain’t no easy way / conscience killer / berlin / rifles / spread your love / whatever happened to my rock n roll

“Come with me and walk the longest mile”

Some people left after BRMC but other came in front when CLUTCH dashed on stage and Neil Fallon said “time to party!”. We love them and they know it (that’s why they keep coming in Athens) but I think this time they didn’t succeed 100%. Of course the atmosphere is different in a club full of dedicated fans but their show this time didn’t seem to fully hit the spot. Of course they played great but the setlist seemed a bit short (nearly 80’) which left most of us wanting more. Tracks from their last album feel much better on stage but they had to hit some classics to get the fans alive and of course their closing tracks (“The Regulator” and “Electric Worry”) brought the usual panic in the audience.

Gimme the keys / vision quest / Willie Nelson / how to shake hands / evil / spacegrass / the mob goes wild / a quick death in Texas / red horse rainbow / in walks barbarella / earth rocker / ghoul wrangler / book of bad decisions / cypress grove / hot bottom feeder / the regulator / electric worry

® report/photos: Konstantinos Mindcrimek