Crystal Breed – The Place Unknown

Band was formed in 2008, in Hanover Germany, yet their style got them into the race in the first place. Impressive Progressive Rock, close to Spock’s Beard, The Tangent, featuring some Pop elements as well, even Musical elements and acoustic intermissions which will even lead you to bands like the almighty Beatles; they surely sound a bit like that during the title track, to say the least… Messrs Niklas Turmann (guitars) and Corvin Bahn (keyboards) share vocals on the album.

All kinds of rhythms, a variety of tempos; keys and axes are fighting, embracing, leaving eachother and then meet again, giving a lot of space to themes and solos… Not that they leave vox behind. On the contrary… Voices are on top of things, as they should. Apart from their galactic compositions, they do more down-to-earth songs as well, like the supersoft “Move” track… As if Porcupine Tree stepped in and whispered the way. A beautiful song, featuring electrical invasion over its second half, turning it into a symphonic indulgence. These peeps are amazing in orchestrating.

Highly recommended for the fans, instantly recommended for those who want to listen to music without boundaries…