Cyanide 4 – Everyday Is A Masquerade


I have said it numerous times in the past…Cyanide 4 is the best thing that has emerged from the hard rock scene in Greece in the last 5 or so years. Their first full length album is absolutely brilliant. It is called “Everyday is a Masquerade” and it is already on sale from Perris Records. Instead of doing yet another typical review of the record, we thought that it would be far more interesting if we let the band’s frontman, G.A. Sinn, characterize with a single phrase each and every song of the album. So, let’s have it…

Hide In The Shadow: “Have the control of your own self…”
Live The Life: “Live and don’t let down your dreams”
Temptation Failed: “Once be tempted…always tempted you’ll be”
Innocent Alibi: “Use your innocence as alibi and avoid the consequences”
Anything For Fun: “Fun filling over all! Good fuckin’  good fun”
Parody: “Don’t let people tell you what to do”
Cyanide: “Long legs, hips in the sky, you make me go wild”
F.F.L.: “You can miss things but life still goes on…”
Wasting My Time: “I have better things to do than spending my time with you”
Illusion: “Oh my goddess, shelter your own son and wash away the pain”
Bad Love Parade: “You think you’re tuff, but not that tuff to hold a tuff boy”
Amnesia: “Just help me to get rid of the misty thoughts that trouble me”
Midnight Heat: “Fire and ice your messy life”


Cyanide 4