Danzig – Skeletons


Honestly, the first impression I got from this album was that it was recorded by 50-year old buddies that ended up drunk on a night out and started singing old favourites!

This album contains covers, most of them are versions of songs that influenced Danzig while he was a kind and later a teenager from artist like Elvis (of course!) to Black Sabbath, Aerosmith and ZZ Top. The best moments on “Skeletons” are by far “Satan” from cult bikers movie “Satan’s Sadists” (1969), Aerosmith’s “Lord Of The Thighs” from “Get Your Wings” (1974) and “Action Woman”, originally by late ‘60s  psychedelic outfit the Litters. On those three Danzig does a great job performing, while the intentionally sloppy production fits like a glove. From then on, “NIB” is indifferent with Tommy Victor’s guitar being the exception, ZZ Top’s “Rough Boy” could have been more interesting, “With A Girl Like You” originally by The Troggs is bad, Young Rascals’ “Find Somebody” falls victim of the production and we’d like from “Crying In The Rain” to have been better.

I believe that the production was meant to be like that in order to make a reference to Misfits and Samhain, but is several cases works against the album. Danzig’s performance isn’t the best possible and in some songs made me think “why is he doing that?” It’s also very interesting to know that “Some Velvet Morning” the classic by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood was recorded as a duet with former Runaways singer Cherie Currie, but wasn’t included in the album because according to Glenn, “the publisher wouldn’t let us use the song because they didn’t like what we did with it.” Also, even the album cover has a tribute mentality since it’s copying exactly David Bowie’s “Pin Ups”, which was a covers album as well, artwork. Bowie had supermodel Twiggy posing with him, while Glenn has pornstar Kayden Cross…