Dave Mark Pearce is a composer, guitarist that begun getting involved with guitar at the age of 15, after having  played the drums. He participated in Union Jane and Naked Feet, before collaborating with Oliver Wakeman, son to Rick, YES’ keyboardist. As a matter of fact David Mark Pearce was also named 2008’s eighth “Best Guitarist’” by Classic Rock Society Magazine in the UK for his work with the Oliver Wakeman Band.

This is his first full solo album with the EP “Shelter Me From The Rain” having proceeded in November 2009, where we can find some famous guests, like singers John Payne, ex-Asia, and Goran Edman, who have worked with Malmsteen, John Norum and tons of others, and Oliver Wakeman who plays some keyboards on a couple of tracks.
The music style is pompous melodic hard rock, with a very rich sound, awesome keyboards, and majestic production, which will definitely remind you stuff you’ve heard before, but you will enjoy because it’s well served! The playing is amazing, everybody’s performance is awesome and the songs are catchy. Maybe if Pearce had chosen an actual name for his project it would have been easier to remember what you’d be listening!
The album’s highlights are everytime John Payne takes over on vocals (“Tell Me Why”, “So Far From Heaven”, and the amazing “Save Your Prayers”), as well as “Shelter Me From The Rain”, “Strange Ang3ls” and the instrumental “Every Time It Rains”. This is essential for the fans of the genre, but whoever likes beautiful and accessible melodies will also enjoy!