A few minutes before I leave for my vacation, my chief editor sent me this album. I thought that it was a sign, a gift from him in order to cope with the…holy days of Easter. Someone would say that there are a lot albums that could help me with that, but the new and unknown has always something different in it. In the end, it gave me a nice listening time while there were church bells ringing next to my house.

Dawn Of Ashes from USA started as an industrial/EBM band and after a few years they decided to change their sound and follow the extreme metal path. After one release, they decided to re-add industrial elements to their new sound and so we came to their sixth full-length album where they got rid (hopefully) of these elements and they recorded a symphonic death/black metal album. A restless band who tries a lot of different stuff in their music and likes Greek titles (“Anathema” and “Theophany” their previous records). The highlights of this album are the keyboards, the fast drumming and the morbid vocals. A very good final result that will give many hours of listening time. Also, very nice job on the production and mixing. The person responsible for that is no other than Mick “Irrumator” Kenney, known as the leader of Anaal Nathrakh and producer of dozens of extreme metal bands, who worked with them for the second time in a row.

In the last two tracks of the album we find the participation of Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle Of Filth) with clean vocals and a very decent cover of Mayhem’s “Freezing Moon”. Fans of the extreme symphonic sound should check it out.

For The Fans Of: Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth