Rowan Robertson, the once-kid that immortal Ronnie James Dio had invited to play and record with his band, twenty one years ago, is collaborating with the Duncan brothers. Jeff (Armored Saint, Odin), Shawn (Odin) and Matt step on it and the Electric Ministry is opening its gates to drive all barbaric Rock fans deaf! Cuz we’re talking tons of top speed, ladies and gents! Guitars sound gigantic and this is obviously because of legendary Bill Metoyer production, along with Jeff Duncan. Now Jeff, apart from guitar duties, is also the lead singer and he’s mighty impressive; he reminds us of the good ol’ Armored Saint, with his rough voice and passion – it’s certain he had taken notes of many of John Bush’s vocal tricks… I must point out that certain parts in the album sound a bit Saint-ish, yet this is only natural, with Duncan contributing. The motif is Heavy Rock, it’s Metalish but not completely Metal… We don’t mind one bit! The songs are so pure, so powerful, so tough; they scream and nag and the instruments sound colors are a perfect match.

Some guests appear on the album, Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses – keyboards) amongst them; he’s played in two of the songs and, according to the band, it’s the first time they invited people “from outside” to partake.
“Broken Soul”, a song over eight minutes long, is an impressive dynamite… The virtuoso band is offering lots of music to headbang with and we deeply appreciate that!






Εντυπωσιακότατο το “Broken Soul”, με τα οκτώμισι λεπτά του… Το γκρουπ προσφέρει μπόλικες δόσεις χτυπησιάρικιας μουσικής και εμείς το εκτιμούμε ιδιαίτερα!