Dear Diary – Dear Diary

Bryan Adams intended to call his debut album “Neither Bryan Adams Knows You”! As it turned out, his label thought otherwise but the virtually unknown group Dear Diary could have named this album by that Adams’ rejected title as nobody really knew or even heard of them back in the day. 20+ years later the guys see their work get a worldwide distribution and I am not sure f it was the…crime of the century (in the words of Supertramp) that the album was never released when it was supposed to be released but one thing is certain: we were treated with far inferior records by other bands that were under the wing of international mega labels.
US Hard Rock with a clear commercial inclination and a street attitude that was so commonly available in albums circa 1989 –1991. It was only a matter of time for this kind of music to reach its limits and be brutally thrown to the wayside when Cobain appeared. Luckily, that was yet another trend of the moment and I certainly doubt if there will ever be a label that will focus on the (re)issue of unknown grunge/alternative outfits…and that says it all!
Highlight: Dear Diary’s guitarist is called Nick Panos…I guess he has a Greek origin.