After the shocking departure of Eric and Brian Hoffman from Florida’s most satanic death metal band we had to witness its free fall too, unfortunately. The two albums that followed could not equal Deicide’s history. But as it seems Glen Benton is back in full force and growls “To Hell With God” with all his hatred.
The whole album is based on the strong and fast guitar riffing by Jack Owen and Ralph Santolla. My only objection as far as the guitar part is concerned is Santolla’s endless mood for solos (with all my respect to his great abilities). Whether he plays for Obituary or Deicide you just can’t stop him. I believe he crosses the line in songs like “Angels Of Hell” and “How Can You Call Yourself A God”. Steve Asheim on the other hand keeps hammering the drum kit as usual.
A few words about the production…the sound is brutal yet very clear for a Deicide album but it doesn’t annoy me.