The beginning was with the up and coming alternative/progressive Mother of Millions just at 20:45. Having a record under their belt and with their second being released in a little while (early November if I remember well), they presented the new songs with a very good appearance, full of energy and gained the interest of the few people who were in the Fuzz club.


A special mention has to be made to their very good singer, George Prokopiou, who managed to win the audience’s participation in several songs and especially in the last one “Human”, where he did a sing-along with the crowd with an impressive result. They created a nice feeling that is worth watching it in the upcoming DVD that will be released as they videotaped the concert.


After the appearance of Mother of Millions the venue began to fill. That’s strange and sad because those who just came in lost a good show from a Greek band that has a very good and strong sound. Let’s hope that people will change their minds about the support bands. It is a pity that such bands do not have the support of the Greek crowd. The program was followed precisely and Devin Townsend went on stage at 22:00. His sound was loud and solid, almost flawless. I honestly did not expect it could get even better than it was before. The whole spectacle was a pleasure.


The literally great Devin Townsend pulled every look on him. Unbelievable. He sang mostly in an operatic way, yelling and screaming every word with a unique passion. The transition of his voice was incredibly good and he made it look easy. A strong and enjoyable voice as he sang literally from his soul. Throughout the concert he was funny and the communication with the crowd and the rest of the band was a plus in his whole appearance. The played for one hour and a half including three tracks from the last album, Stormbending, Failure and Higher that all sounded awesome. Personally, I would like the concert to last a bit longer as what we saw was something unrepeatable that rarely will happen again.

Dio Pap

Setlist: Rejoice, Night, Stormbending, Failure, Hyperdrive, Where We Belong, Deadhead, Ziltoid Goes Home, Supercrush, March of the Poozers, Kingdom, Ih- Ah (acoustic), Higher