Dokken might release, nowadays, albums every four years but if they come up with such qualitative efforts then so be it, we can endure the waiting period! The foundations had been set already with the sensational “Lightning Strikes Again” and to tell you the truth I had absolutely no doubt whatsoever that “Broken Bones” would reach the same level. The mighty Don Dokken had found the last few years a guitarist who can provide not only the musical landscape for Don to unfold his inner sentiments through his lyrics but most importantly a much needed serenity and calmness. Needless to say that Jon Levin is doing once again a brilliant job as a six-stringer.

“Broken Bones” remind of the glory days of the mid-80s and despite the fact that it cannot be compared to such classics as “Under Lock and Key” or “Back For The Attack”, it surely reminds of that atmosphere while with songs as “Best of Me”, “For The Last Time” and “Fade Away”, Dokken hit the bull right between the eyes while the stomping animal “Wild Mick Brown is throwing his own party behind the drums thus adding an extra dose of glamour to the line-up…after all, he is one of the original four guys who started it all, right? Some people argue that Lynch is missed from Dokken…I am of the opinion that if Lynch would be in that band…there wouldn’t be a band! Lynch and Dokken were meant to go their separate ways, as Steve Perry said 30 years ago.

Buy this album…trust me, it will wake memories of a…golden age of rock n’ roll.

Highlight: The experienced bassist Sean McNabb makes his studio debut with Dokken.