Edenbridge - Chronicles Of Eden 2

Edenbridge is a very remarkable case in symphonic metal. For over 20 years they have been presenting excellent releases with a very personal style and have made a good name for themselves. The truth is that this name and reputation could be even higher. What is certain is that the very limited number of their live appearances has not helped them at all and I don’t really know what the reason is for it…

Thirteen years after their first collection, the Austrians present the second part with material from “My Earth Dream” (2008) and the rest of their latter catalogue, on a double CD. It is not a collection with a simple selection of tracks from their last five albums, as there are unreleased acoustic performances of “Dynmind”, “Paramount” and “Higher”, as well as songs that were used as bonus tracks in some versions of their discography such as for example the beautiful instrumental “MyEarthDream Suite for Guitar And Orchestra”.

The songs may be many overall, but they are representative samples of the band’s career and indicative of the really serious progress that the band has had over the last several years.

“The Chronicles Of Eden Part 2” is a great opportunity for people to get to know Edenbridge at least of the latter era with a very good sample of this collection. I find it inconceivable that Sabine Edelsbacher should not be mentioned as one of the top singers in metal nowadays, she is really amazing! And I insist, I want to see Edenbridge go out on the road and finally see them on stage.