Eleine – We Shall Remain


The Swedes’ fourth album is accompanied by a very strong collaboration with one of the new major forces in the record industry, Atomic Fire Records. Under this roof the band tries to present a modern symphonic metal, putting a lot of emphasis on the production and focusing on the “setup” of the album, following all the strict rules set by the music industry today (a nice theme for another section by the way).

“We Shall Remain” has a few advantages such as the technical ones I mentioned before, it is based on the massive sound with several and remarkable guitar parts, as well as on Madeleine’s quite theatrical voice, on the other hand it gives an impression of the band’s confinement to the “musts” and this has an impact on the compositional field, not being better than its predecessor, “Dancing In Hell”. I find it quite predictable in its development and after several listens, the initial assessment has not changed. There are also good melodies in several choruses such as “We Are Legion”, “Blood In Their Eyes” and “We Shall Remain” which closes the album, but I was expecting more from an album that should be a milestone in the band’s career which is really enviable, mainly due to timing. Maybe such a release will be the next one since the talent in Eleine is abundant. Eleine is also a band that in their live performances can really raise the entity of their songs and it’s worth seeing them, maybe this will make you like “We Shall Remain” more.

“We Shall Remain” is a decent work, of course I won’t invalidate it, but there are a few “buts” in it.