Eric Martin


A few hours before Eric Martin’s first ever show in Greece RockpagesTV had the chance to talk to “Mr.Bigmouth” himself about his solo acoustic tour…

playing unplugged without a band, Mr.Big, TMG and a lot more. Interview: Sakis Nikas, Yiannis Dolas, Camera: Yiannis Dolas Editing, Post Production: Open Field Team A big thanks to BatCity club in Athens where the interview and the show took place, and to the always helpful staff!

The video containts clips from official music videos, where the copyright is owned by the record company.
“Wild World”, “Take Cover” courtesy of Atlantic Records, “Everything Passes Away”, “Signis Of Life” courtesy of Frontiers Records, “Sucker For A Pretty Face” courtesy of Elektra/Asylum Records, “I For You” courtesy of Sony Music, “Spectres”, “Twisted Mind” courtesy of Nuclear Blast. The video also contains clips from live broadcasts on Arte Channel.