Flotsam and Jetsam was always one of my most favorite thrash bands as they always managed to come up with some really exceptional albums without getting trapped in the narrow boundaries of the thrash metal genre. Most certainly some of their studio offerings were quite disappointing but when you have a 30+ career this is only natural. Nevertheless, when it comes down to any well-rounded and informed article about the thrash genre, the first couple of Flotsam records are (or should be) spotlighted.

Despite the fact that there were some negative reviews of the last 3 records, I belong to the loud minority that really enjoyed those songs. Yes, it goes without saying that there were never supposed to please the hardcore thrash fan as they were more experimental. So, I was naturally intrigued with what I was about to listen with their brand new album. The first sample came via the internet with the lyric video of “Iron Maiden”. This song was truly indicative on where the band wanted to go this time; it seemed like a clear notion of returning to the heavier/thrashier riffs that made Flotsam famous back in the day. The songs are well-crafted, catchy and they are enriched with a modern, in your face production. Eric A.K. is phenomenal behind the mic and with such songs as “Seventh Seal” and “Time To Go”, all the Flotsam fans out there –both old school and younger ones- are in for a most pleasant surprise.
Highlight: The cover sleeve is plain yet very characteristic of the band’s past, present and future!