FM Tough It Out Live

When it comes down to art, we all know that everything’s a matter of taste…well, almost everything as it goes without saying that the two best albums of the entire FM catalogue are “Indiscreet” and “Tough It Out”. No doubt about it. A while ago, the British outfit celebrated the 30th anniversary of “Indiscreet” with a live presentation of the whole album. So, it was almost inevitable that they would embark on the same journey with the classic, sophomore studio effort “Tough It Out”. And that’s exactly what we get on “Tough It Out Live”, at least on the first CD as the second one includes some really unexpected (and most welcome) surprises.

In this double live offering, FM proves once again that they are rightfully considered the best British AOR band of all time. It’s not only the inexhaustible arsenal of hits but also the flawless performance both in the studio and on stage. Naturally, the first CD is the main theme of the album as the band puts on an amazing show by playing the entire “Tough It Out” album. But the die-hard FM fans are in for a big surprise on the second CD where FM unearths some rare gems of its back catalogue. So, it’s a real treat to listen to such songs as “Hollow”, “Tough Love”, “Wildside”, “Diggin’ Up The Dirt” and the brilliant “Dangerous” from the early days. I truly believe, as impossible as it seems, that the second CD reaches the same quality level of the first CD!

We should also point out that the production is crystal clear and takes you right into the heart of the live experience while original member Didge Digital makes a special guest appearance on the classic “Burning My Heart Down”. Last but certainly not least is the one and only Steve Overland. We had said it before and we will say it again (and again). The man is a legend and his voice is as emotional as ever!

In a time and age where live albums are not the first choice of an artist, FM brings forth “Tough It Out Live” and urges us all to go out and buy the album. Trust me when I’m saying…you won’t regret it!

Highlight: It would be cool to see FM going down the same path with the third classic album of theirs, “Takin’ It To The Streets”. Who knows…?