The boys from Lisbon started making albums in 2000, however, it was another team back then plus conditions were not the same… Thus, we transcend from the old team to the new one, featuring new ideas. Regarding the old projects now, it wasn’t the best the guys wanted, production-wise. This EP, as you can appreciate, is the band’s credentials for the future, their new passport. Most of us, including me, did not know the band existed, as I’m sure the Portuguese know as well. So they decided to release a song collection.
We are going to find five tracks, coming from the “old” albums and songs that were part of the live setlist, yet one could never find them in any of their albums.  Must underline that the band did not chose the easy way, to simply throw the songs in the pot… They worked with them, polished them, made shiny and bright and presented a whole new bunch.
Metal and the voice that can travel in space… Roy Khan and Nils Κ. Rue (Pagan’s Mind) must be amongst the influences of this spectacular singer answering the name Nio Nunes. As for the rest of the band… Keyboards magician, Mr. Miguel Valadares, dazzles us with his crystal intro on “Pinpoints”, whilst Ricardo Falcao’s guitar is a flash monster, balancing thru electric voyages and seven-string acoustic dreams… Rhythm section, by Nuno Coreira (bass) and J.C. Samora (drums) is dominative and majestic, the mighty proud Kamelot way.
By the time we are thinking “Nice, the boys are doin’ fine, cool songs”, a 15-min opus, “Betrayed”, with it’s Progressive roots and lyrical parts and heavenly flirting with Rush and the rest of the “beasts”, will slam us to the ground! This EP would be a huge release, even if it only contained this very song! Welcome, you guys, thank you for making that music!