What if we were in Athens? Four local bands made us travel with them to the United States, as their sound is heavily influenced by bands of this country. During the Star Wars Day (may the fourth be with you), Kyttaro Live was the perfect place for a very nice live experience.

First on stage was Serenity Broken. I missed the first songs of their performance and that’s one me, I was late on my arrival there. I’ve seen them live again many years ago and they were better from what I remembered. Alternative metal with heavy guitars, groove, even some breakdowns (the t-shirt Killswitch Engage of their guitarist Marios was not by chance). The only thing I didn’t like was the voice of Aris. He wasn’t bad at all, but reminded me a lot of he-who-must-not-be-named of Nirvana. OK, I know, this is clearly a matter of taste. Besides that, very good show from the guys.


Next on stage was Hidden In The Basement from Larissa, a band that is always a delight to see them perform live. Southern metal with great riffs, excellent leads and strong rhythm section. It’s a pity thought, bands like them shouldn’t remain…hidden. They do a really nice job on their albums and on stage. But in Greece of “true metal warriors” it’s not easy to make the next step if the fans don’t try to broaden their minds.


Towards the end of the night, Potergeist celebrated their comeback after a year and a half of absence (if I remember correctly). With a change in their line-up, as they now have Petros from Tardive Dyskinesia as second guitarist. They gave their fans exactly what the expected, southern metal that owes a lot to their heroes Pantera (they even played a song dedicated to them, but I’m missing the title). Very nice performance, during which they played a lot of new songs. The fifth full-length seems to be on its way.


At this point, I have to say that the schedule didn’t deviate at all, the sound in all the bands from where I was standing was perfect and a lot of people came to this event, even if for some weird reason that I can’t explain they weren’t so enthusiastic as they should. The time for Full House has arrived and I had great expectations from them, as I still listen to their album “Me Against You” and I will keep doing it for a long time. From the first till the last minute of their show, this was a heavy metal dynamite. Well prepared, with excellent chemistry, they played flawlessly and I don’t think anyone can doubt all the hard work they’ve done. Even the guys who helped them set the stage wore vests with the band’s logo on. This shows that they planned every detail of this night.


During the show, as their frontman Van Ace told us during our interview, they had strobe lights, smoke machines and spark machines that made the experience even more impressive. I can’t but respect their chose to putting money on all this, because the wanted to give the fans something different than the usual. The truth is that we don’t see stuff like that, even from bands that play in bigger venues and have a bigger audience. They played of course the amazing second album in its entirety and three songs from their debut “Bet It All”. I just hope that they filmed some of them, because people need to see what I’m talking about. If I could summarize their show in one phrase, it would be: heavy as fuck. So simple.


Setlist: Bury Me, Me Against You, Black Empty Box, Hollow God, Hard To Tell, Another Life, Black Shade, When I Crossed That Door, Bring The Chaos, Not Again, The Undisputed, No One’s Safe, Cannot Be Judged, No Retreat

In conclusion, as long as there are bands who give everything they got to satisfy the people who come to see them, the local scene will keep growing and getting better and better. The night of May the 4th, was an excellent chance for anyone to experience a strong billing with very cheap ticket. The ones who were there, surely didn’t regret it. As for the rest, don’t miss them next time.

George Terzakis

Photos: Dionisis Partheniadis