Thirty tears on legendary Girlschool decide to re-record their classic and most successful album to date…

The first thought that comes to mind is that they avoid to push the envelop preferring a previously tested and safe solution, which is to bring back to life “Hit And Run” choosing repetition. The truth is that this specific album, not only was a personal success for the group, it was also one of the first (if not THE first) metal album coming from an all-female lineup, that didn’t try to take advantage of its feminine side, but tried to reject in order to come closer to the masculine majority of the uprising NWOBHM.

The freshened up “Hit And Run” sounds as fierce, and as wild as ever, like I imagine it sounded in 1981, when Girlschool were “scoring” with this superb album. Of course, the modern production and the contemporary means of recording gives it more volume and size. Another difference with the original one is late-Kelly Johnson’s vocals that are now handled by the girls, and the participation of another popular, female guest on a new versio of the title track.

So, give yourself the chance to immerse into the magic of an honest, pure, and heavy album, despite the “facial lift”, and the applied botox. The content remains untouched and original, the legacy that this awesome band leaves behind.