Grave Digger – Healed By Metal


Like a true 90s child, I loved Grave Digger since the day I discovered them through Heart of Darkness back in 1995. They were without a doubt among the heroes that kept European metal afloat in the 90s. Hand in hand with Gamma Ray, Stratovarius, Rage, Helloween etc. they released important albums while also being very active through constant touring. The years passed and although these bands kept going without slowing down, my interest concerning their studio releases subsided. That didn’t have to do anything with the quality of the releases but occurred mostly because of the huge album production and the growth of my personal knowledge and overall musical borders. I simply couldn’t keep up and eventually lost track of them in 2007 and the Liberty or Death album. With the turn of the new year I was appointed to write about the new album, 10 years after my last encounter. I didn’t exactly know what to expect but I was sure for one thing. The Grave Digger was not going to ignore its foundational music standards. And I was justified right from the very first minute. This 10 year gap instantly disappeared I was transferred back to the era when a Grave Digger album was considered an important event. Always between Accept and Judas Priest, Healed By Metal is yet another step upon the treaded path that the group has been following at least since its reformation back in 1991. 40 solid minutes of pure heavy metal. No innovations, no contemporary elements, no compromise. A stubborn old gang perfectly aware of how to serve the music they love while respecting the audience that remains loyal over the years.

Healed By Metal proved to be a wonderful travel through time that unearthed memories and triggered nostalgia. Apparently there are still some things that you know will never betray you and I am very happy about that.