Grim Reaper – Walking In The Shadows


This is the return of my second favorite British metal band (right after Cloven Hoof, Judas Priest simply don’t count) after almost 30 years of absence. This is actually Steve Grimmett’s solo band since without Nick Bowcott the Grim Reaper ensemble loses its 50%. Since 2006 and the resurrection of the Grim Reaper name after 18 years of inactivity, I happened to witness several live performances of the group but with mixed emotions. The time finally came to get the picture from the studio and the new material. The truth is that Steve Grimmett’s solo album released in 2007 and titled Personal Crisis contained some fine moments but 9 years away from the studio is a long time and I didn’t know what to expect.

The opener “Wings of Angels” abolished my fears for the worst since Grimmett is in fine condition, accompanied by thunderous heavy metal very close to the Grim Reaper legacy. The good news keep coming with “Walking In the Shadows”. Song after song and before I even realize it, the listening session comes to an end and I press play again not to reach to a conclusion concerning the quality of the album or to validate my initial judgement but to listen to its fine songs once again.

This is an album worthy of the Grim Reaper legacy since it sounds quite close to Rock You to Hell. Commercial and memorable but also dynamic and guitar oriented.