Hardcore Superstar! A band name that will no doubt fill both your mouth and your speakers! Are you a devoted sleaze fan? Is Motley Crue, or L.A. Guns the first things that come to mind when thinking about the top bands of the 80s? Then this band’s sound is what the history of the 90s should sound like! Having won a Grammy Award and scoring several  #1 hit singles in their home country, Sweden, the band managed to gain a fan base that consisted of old and new hard rock addicts right away.

To commemorate 10 years of uplifting rock music, they gathered all the hit songs of their previous 8 albums and present them to you in the compilation “The Party Ain’t Over Till We Say So”. With that album, whose title is also taken from their latest hit song “Last Call for Alcohol” from their “Split Your Lip” album, they remind us why they won our hearts in the first place and that the party can never end when there are songs like “We don’t Celebrate Sundays” , “Wild Boys”, “Dreaming in a Casket” and “Last Call for Alcohol” out there.

Unfortunately, the whole story has a downside, and in this case it is the new song that opens the album, “We don’t Need a Cure”. When I first heard it I thought they definitely need one! Their punk style has been suddenly abandoned, and they wrote an anthem for children in a therapy centre! I know it sounds funny the way I put it, and even offensive, but those who will get to hear it will know what I mean.

In general, from their debut to their last album they had the tendency to change their sound, which made them both lose and win audiences. In this case though, if that song is a valid example of how a new album would have sounded like, maybe they will end up losing more audience than winning.

In any case, let us enjoy the rest of the songs that were selected and let them play loud in our house or at the club with enough booze and a party appetite as accompaniers. I blindly suggest Hardcore Superstar’s hits to every hard rock, even metal fan (as soon as they don’t belong to the close-minded ones), but above all I suggest them to everyone that knows how to party!