Through the maze of the ‘70s-revival-retro movement there are those who follow the masses, those that are pulled by the hype and those that really stand out. I’ve put Horisont to the latter category since I heard the first note from them.

Yes, I agree they hardly bring anything to the table and they are far from being called original. But, they manage to filter their influences and present something new that sounds fresh and interesting, at least in my ears. “About Time” didn’t fall outside this rule and adds another great album to the Swedes back catalogue.

Their equation includes more mid-‘70s than early. Less Zeppelin and more Lizzy. Their twin guitars are superb. But, what really makes the difference is their songs. This is where the band unfolds its love for the music they play, the talent and its quality. They are explosive and swaggery by nature and not because they have to be and that’s exactly that makes them stand out from the pile.