It’s never too late to admit your mistakes! When I first listened to Imperia State Electric’s debut, the new side project of Nikke Andersson, singer-guitarist of the Hellacopters, I was so disappointed that I couldn’t find anything positive about it, and I wrote them off almost instantly… that was a mistake!

Because, maybe Nikke felt the same way too, and that changed the situation here, on their second album. First of all, it seems now that this is not his solo band, but a real band, since he found some other members, while he is always the boss. As a true son, and actually one of the founders of “Sweden’s Great School of RAWK”, he stays true to his American rock’n’roll influences, and his Ace Frehley-style guitar solos, creating an album worthy of his name, and his past in the great Hellacopters.

For those of you who have a difficulty in understanding what they hell we’re talking about here, I could only describe this album to you as a compilation of street-wise, garage, punk, raw rock’n’roll that goes from the Stooges to Tom Petty, and from KISS to the Ramones, without too much fuss, being straight and simple.

Of course, I guess everybody wishes for the Hellacopters to reunite, but I don’t think that’s going to happen in the near future. However, it’s very positive to know that their leader remains in great shape releasing top notch material, and is ready to get back on the cockpit of our favorite Swedish rock’n’roll band ever, when the time will be right!