It was April of 2008 when Dan Eriksson, drummer of Tad Morose, decided to form a power metal group after a long hiatus from the musical forefront. Inmoria was his brainchild and its debut came a year later under the title “Invisible Wounds” leaving great hopes and expectations for the future. “A Farewell To Nothing…” is the band’s sophomore effort and it becomes quite obvious right from the first listening that Inmoria has surpassed the debut and has covered a big and wide ground with this one.

The striking element that makes Inmoria’s new album stand out from the bunch is actually its multidimensional musical character as the band doesn’t rely strictly on typical power metal forms thus making “A Farewell To Nothing…” accessible to a bigger audience than the close circle of the power metal fans. Having said that, we must point down the dark mood of the well-crafted lyrics (especially in songs like “End Of The Line” and “Just Another Lie”) that make you wanna hear the album again and again by paying close attention to its whole concept.
Highlight: Power Metal For The Thinking People…quite possibly!