Six years has gone by already from the last album release by InnerWish. Within this time frame, Babis Alexantropoulos left the band, leaving behind him a huge gap to be filled and made me think “how is the band going to continue now?”. InnerWish though gave the microphone duties to Giorgos Eikosipentakis and they returned mightier than ever with a huge album.

The new release is going under the title of “InnerWish” and it contains 13 songs. It is a complete work with a perfectly clean and “full” production.  “InnerWish” follows the classic stamp/sound that the band has outlined throughout the years and manages to “walk” into new territories such is heavier style and Epic tunes. My personal opinion, is that the band has made the correct choice with Giorgos as his voice matched the bands’ new musical direction.
Listening to the album several times, I can say that it doesn’t contain any filler songs and with great difficulty I can pick out a few songs that stand out, such as: “Roll The Dice”, a song fast and heavy like a dynamite ready to blow! It contains really Heavy elements and catchy choruses. The melodic: “Sins Of The Past”, “Through My Eyes”. The epic “Rain Of A Thousand Years”, a song that InnerWish has executed brilliantly. Also, as we always love the InnerWish type-ballads, this album also comes with a lovely ballad under the name of “Cross The Line”.

I think that we already have the album of the year! A complete work from InnerWish, returning back to form and reborn. I hope this line-up lasts for the years to come as the band sound and play really tied together!