Ahhhh…just by the sheer mention of Jaded Heart’s name, I get a feeling of nostalgia. You see, their albums “IV”, “The Journey Will Never End” and “Trust” possess a special place in my heart when Jaded Heart was close of becoming one of my favorite bands…but that was a time when Michael Bormann was still in the band. Without any intention of diminishing Johan Fahlberg’s role as the band’s singer, he is not at the same level as his predecessor.

Nevertheless, what we have here is the Jaded Heart’s best record since Bormann’s departure. It’s not a masterpiece by any means but it is still a very pleasant record that includes some really beautiful songs (I distinguished “With You”, “Saints Denied”, the excellent “Life Is Beautiful” and “Higher”.

“Common Destiny” could easily be regarded as one of the finest melodic rock suggestions of 2012. It might not give thrill down the spine of the potential listener but it will not disappoint whatsoever. Needless to say, that despite the overall positive aspect of the album, “Common Destiny” cannot be compared to the previous three Jaded Heart that I mentioned in teh beginning of this review.