This is a band from Thessaloniki that makes its first step in discography, which is actually self-funded just like their style would dictate…

You see, Jailcat hate posh, and prefer swagger, and the more sleazy attitude as it was displayed from bands like early Motley Crue, Guns’n’Roses and the lot. Those six songs are well-crafted, decently produced, with beautiful melodies, powerful solos, intensity and passion. The vocals are dipped into matchless arrogance with Kelly Blake firing with grain, roughness, and warm melody as well.  

Honestly, listening to songs like “Bad Girl’s Attitude”, and “Pizza Boy” –with the incredible changes- I can’t see what this band lacks comparing to any other new comer band from Europe, or the States, as far as their material is concerned.
Let’s just hope we have the chance to catch them live down South, because from what I’ve seen on YouTube so far they kick some serious ass! Good luck boys!
You can download the EP here: