Jinjer – Macro


Jinjer isn’t just a promising band anymore. The quartet from Gorlovka, Ukraine (not the most usual metal country in the world) manages to impress once more, thus justifying the hype around their name, so three years after the successful “King of Everything”, they release “Macro”.

It’s an album that carries many heterogeneous elements that hopefully the band manages to put under control so the final result impresses the listener. In their arsenal fit so many elements that it’s kind of difficult to put only one label on attempt to describe what they’re doing. Here, you will find a band that yes, can be put under the generic term of “groove metal” but that will leave out the crucial elements of metalcore, djent and death metal and then the funk, jazz and reggae (oh yes indeed…). All this could end up in a ridiculous result but their level is really high, let aside they play via a progressive approach so every member can show his talent while as a band they produce something compact.

However, don’t imagine this is a hard grumpy drive. Yes, the different layers on every compositions will keep you busy for a long time but each track carries the proper hooks, drumming is great and there are numerous catchy melodies (lead guitar and bass lines). Of course it’s the terrific Tatiana Shmailyuk on vocals that offers a performance that sweeps you right off your feet (it’s impressive how she adapts in so many different styles, from bestial brutal death metal screaming to mature -almost soul- vocal lines).

“Judgement (& Punishment)” is definitely the composition that makes a great first impression (fusion of metal and reggae), on “Retrospection” Tatiana sings in her native language but it really makes no sense to highlight some tracks as the album seems to flow nicely, from the aggressive kick off with “On The Top”, until the fading of “lainnereP” that helps to ease the intensity of the previous eight compositions.