Kaisas – Unify

Exceptional debut by Bambis Kaisis’ group… This is great melodic hard rock with many powerful songs that draw our attention from the beginning. Most of the songs are up-tempo and the orchestrations are equally good. Considering the fact that Tony Mills is singing and Acacio Carvalho is playing the drums, things are getting pretty serious and the result is everything but random. The trio is presenting a pretty tight compilation of songs, which except from being well crafted, are easy to listen to as well.

The key factor regarding the outcome of “Unify” is the crystal production of the album, arranged by Kaisas himself, along with Sheena Sear, who’s well-known for her work with Magnum and Diamond Head.

“Unify” consists of twelve tracks, varying from decent to exceptional; the only, in my opinion, song which didn’t need to be included, is that rock and roll cover on “Jingle Bells”, whilst there is also a very good cover on “In My Dreams” (Dokken) as a bonus track.

I think that “Unify” will satisfy the fans of this particular music wave; it is specified to do so, that’s way it deserves their attention and “investment”.