Kansas – The Prelude Implicit


After 16 years and the amazing album «Somewhere To Elsewhere» which featured almost the original lineup, the progressive rock band Kansas is back with a very good album. What if Steve Walsh on vocals and keyboards is retired and there just two from the original band members who recorded great albums back in ‘70s, guitarist Rich Williams and the drummer Phil Ehart? The result is great. The new vocalist, Ronnie Platt, is an excellent replacement for Walsh and their voices sound alike enough. “The Prelude Implicit” is an album that sounds pleasant and fresh and it’s 100% Kansas. An anthem like the old classics is not detected among the 10 new songs and Kerry Livgren was not involved in the compositions, so the result becomes even more important. Notable tracks are “Visibility Hero”, the “With This Heart” and the eight-minute epic “The Voyage Of Eight Eighteen”. It is very nice and pleasant such comebacks of huge bands from the past with remarkable albums like “The Prelude Implicit”. So we can invest without fear.