It makes you wonder how many bands we discover everyday with the aid of the internet that we couldn’t have get in touch with a few years ago. In addition, all these obscure bands now have the chance to make their music available to the masses something that seemed and was actually like an unfulfilled dream back in the day. One such case is the American band of Kelakos which started to play in the East Coast and most specifically in Ithaka, NY. from 1975 up to 1979. Quite possibly, you don’t know that Carl Canedy from The Rods fame made his first steps us a professional drummer while Alex Perialas –who is responsible for some of the best 80s thrash metal albums- handled the engineering work on “Uncorked”.
“And what is exactly this album?”, one might wonder? Well, it’s really a collection of rare and unreleased songs that were recorded in the mid-70s. George Michael Kelakos Haberstroh is absolutely magnificent as the lead guitarist and singer of the band while the flawless musicianship of all the members should be mentioned, too. Kelakos puts forth a blues rock sound that was quite typical in the 70s while if we would search for influences or musical references, I’d say that they sound like Foghat, Santana and The Good Rats…at least, that’s how I perceived them.

I strongly believe that all the fans of US (and not only) classic rock sound should not only check out this astonishing band but also support them by buying this album! You would not only enjoy 15 excellent songs but also possess a rare sonic diamond that will shine in your CD collection for the years to come.

Highlight: “Rachel”, “In The Sun” and “How Did You Get So Crazy” are the standout tracks.