Kells were formed in 2001 in Lyon, France and this is their third album. As soon as you push play you listen to this familiar guitar sound, next to the familiar keyboards sound, pointing to Symphonic Metal and some Rockish motifs. You’re trying to figure out what’s about and female vox enter and before even starting to think about it you realize it’s French! They sing in French…

I would love to see those faces when reading those lines. It’s certain it’s not one of the best things to think about. “How do they sound like”? It’s easy to reply. It’s like singing in English! Sounds weird? Yet it’s so simple… At first you get swept by the music, then by the vocal melodies and then by the fact that it’s not English. It is certain though that you will be totally impressed by Virg’s fantastic voice; she reminded me of grand Sharon Den Adel at times. The band is solid and lyrical moments combine with howls and savage guitars. Listen to “L’Heure que le Temps Va Figer” for instance, it really incorporates all those styles changes. Oh, don’t forget to taste that piece in English, too, it’s one of the two songs that Kells decided to record in English as well.

Fantastic production, Evanescence oriented; guitars sound “streety” and drums lead the way featuring some amazing double bass. Them guys have worked a lot, they have sent their project to one of the finest refineries in the world (Sterling Sound Studio), they hit the road frequently and they share the stages with some of the mightiest in the business. Epica, Leaves’ Eyes, Tarja… Fans, feel free to proceed.