Kemerov – Fmkd


‘FMKD’ is a very pleasant surprise coming from the northern part of Greece. Kemerov, from Serres, play a very entertaining and energetic punk rock with death metal vocals, death ‘n’ roll or whatever you want to call it, like the bastard child of Entombed and Turbonegro, although closer to the latter in style.

The intro to ‘New Order’ paves the way for something cool to come along, and whenever the track length surpasses the three-minute mark, there’s a good enough reason for it; The infectious riffing in ‘Species’ for example, or the drum ‘n’ bass breakdown in the – quite thrashy yet not trashy – ‘Plague of Nations’. It is obvious that Kemerov’s style will gain even more points in a live setting, causing heads, heels and behinds to move constantly. As far as the studio goes, the production is satisfying and the progress in the songwriting department is obvious compared to the self-titled EP they released in twenty fifteen.