We could write an encyclopedia for Killing Joke and still it would not be enough. This is one of the most influential and multilayered bands ever.

Their new album’s title is the year we live in; According to the Mayas legends and specifically on December 21, the world will come to an end. This is actually the album concept, mixed with the world’s current political and financial issues.
It’s a dynamite album, coming from the massive Londoners, an album very close to their 80’s albums, albums that went to the roof, not so much commercially speaking but in terms of reaching the hearts of their fans; they still do that, even today.
Killing Joke floor the accelerator once again, they have their punk suits on, featuring a new wave stripe, and state that they have much more to give.
It is remarkable that there is so much energy in a band that started 35 years ago; it’s also frustrating that we don’t see any successors. Could it be that Killing Joke have observed that and this is how they revert?