The Heavy Metal fans from Patras should be really excited with the release of the debut album of the band “Korrigan” entitled “Thy Art Lament”. Those eight guys from Patras play melodic Black metal and after the release of two demos in 2008 they managed to release their first full length album. “Thy Art Lament” is not only self-financed but also self-produced.

The first thing that came to my mind when I got the album in my hands was that the artwork was great. It predisposes you to the music you are going to listen in the album. Most of the compositions are really good and the collaborations from the Greek scene do not leave you indifferent. In the track “Versus Sun” some vocals are performed by Sotiris of “Septic Flesh”, in the track  “ Hopeless Times” by Kolobas of “Bohemian Grove”, in “Deciphering Denial”, which might be the best track in the album, by Achilles of “Errorists” sings and in the song “Tonight’’ Kostas Nikolopoulos of  “Dronne” performs the solo.

The atmosphere of the album reminds me something from “Tiamat”, with the female vocals pairing perfectly with the angry brutal vocals. The production has some drawbacks but the band is commendable for the really good effort.

I hope in the future they will find a record label to include them in their roster and make their next album flawless. And perhaps they will re-record “Thy Art Lament” and correct any mistakes made in the production.