Krokus – Big Rocks


Swiss hard rockers Krokus decided to make a covers album after 17 studio album in their 40-year long career. Krokus as many other bands pay tribute to the bands that influenced them. Generally, I am not very much in favor of cover albums, because usually most of the bands that release them play the songs in a similar way to the originals and it’s very difficult to refresh, or to give different dimensions to the initial compositions. I also believe that a cover album shows a period without inspiration for a  band… But, let’s see what happens with “Big rocks” of Krokus. The introduction track is NIB (whose song is that?)… a very odd choice for Krokus played as an instrumental. After that there are songs from Queen, The Who, ( although “Summertime Blues” was oiginally released by Eddie Cohran, but it’s clear which version they follow!) and “Born To Be Wild”. The track that surprised me was “Whole Lotta Love”, in the sense that Krokus play it very well and the vocals of Marc Storace, fit in so much while on some other songs it doesn’t. The big surprise of “Big Rocks” is that it doesn’t include an AC/DC cover. Do you think that they did’t influence them? In conclusion, “Big Rocks” is a decent cover album without adding more to the rich history of Krokus. However, I would prefer a new studio album, since after their comeback they made great albums.