Canadian super Rockers have sold numerous copies of their albums; however, they have also suffered through the years. “We kick off, we stop, we call it quits, we re-unite” and every variation of the previously mentioned words; actually, we haven’t listened to an album featuring original material since 2007 and “Six”. Cuz this one is also a greatest hits album, with three new tracks. All nine hits have been re-recorded, the band caught up with their beloved sound engineer, mega-producer Bob Rock and got to record at Bryan Adams’ studios. As I recently read they already are on tour, with Journey and Pat Benatar.

Regarding the nine supreme hits now, there ain’t much I can tell or write… You know those songs so well, you’ve listened to them hundreds of times, many arenas around the world have surrendered to their vibe. As for the three newcomers, title track, “No tomorrow” and “Heartbreaker”, they reminded me of Bon Jovi a bit, especially “No tomorrow”, yet this is just my opinion. Basically I’m talking about three pleasant songs which won’t make any difference at all.

A must for peeps that don’t have any recent Greatest Hits from the band (the guys had released one in 2009) as well as for those not so much into the band.