Iced Earth and Absolva bassist Luke Appleton is getting ready to do a mini tour in Greece for the promotion of his solo album “Snake Eyes”. So, we get the chance to ask him a few things about his latest solo offering and of course all his current activities with Iced Earth and Absolva. Appleton will be appearing in Greece in September and you can find all the details on Rockpages…we will be there! Interview: Sakis Nikas

LukeAppleton02 Luke, first of all, you have a new album out now called “Snake Eyes”. Tell us a few details about it…

Luke Appleton: Snake Eyes is my first solo album that is mainly revolved around the acoustic guitar, however it also features electric guitar, percussion and midi orchestration on certain tracks. I am extremely proud of this release. Lyrically it talks about a lot of topics I am extremely passionate about and it also features 4 very special guests, Chris Appleton (Absolva & Blaze Bayley), Gene Adam (Purgatory & ex Iced Earth), Theresa Smith (Metaprism) and Rishi Mehta (Babylon Fire). You can purchase this CD on my web store which you can find at: LukeAppleton01 Why did you decide to call the album “Snake Eyes”?

Luke Appleton: I chose Snake Eyes because I believe it is one the strongest songs on the album and it also has the strongest message lyrically. The song is all about trying to overcome an addiction, whether that addiction be drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling etc. The lyrics are a dark topic but with a positive message and outcome. I know that Jon Schaffer is currently on tour with Demons & Wizards. So, I guess that was the perfect timing for this solo album and tour, right?

Luke Appleton: Yes, the scheduling lined up perfectly. My number 1 priority is and always will be Iced Earth, so whenever Jon tells me Iced Earth will be having a temporary hiatus, I always try to fill my time up with my other band Absolva or work on my solo acoustic project. Any news regarding Absolva at the moment?

Luke Appleton: Absolva are currently recording our 5th studio album. The working title of this is ‘Absolva V’ and we are extremely excited about the end result of this project. Our goal is to make this album the biggest thing Absolva has ever done, in terms of packaging, quality of songs and then after its released we will be touring it heavily! In the mean time, Absolva will be appearing at festivals and shows all around the UK & Europe in 2019, including 2 shows at the end of the year supporting Y&T and a show in London supporting the mighty Powerquest! For more information please visit our website at: How about Fury UK? Lots of people are asking for something new about this band…

Luke Appleton: Myself and my brother Chris have been discussing the possibility of doing a short Fury UK reunion tour. We are still not 100% sure it will happen, however there are some special anniversaries coming up that I think will be really nice to celebrate for the band with a few select dates across the UK & Europe. I will not confirm that, but it is definitely a possibility in the next year or so! Your first album with Iced Earth was a great live offering from Cyprus (“Live in Ancient Kourion”). What do you remember from that show?

Luke Appleton: I remember it being the hottest day of my life haha! That whole tour was such an incredible experience for me. I joined Iced Earth in April 2012 and my first tour with the band  was something I had never dreamed of! The whole process was such a huge learning curve for me and all I could do was embrace the magnificent opportunity that had been rewarded to me. To finish the Dystopia tour off with this unbelievable concert and recording in Cyprus was absolutely beautiful. I remember the flames from the pyro bursting into the air about 10 ft away me, the overwhelming roars from the audience and the pure sweat and energy that myself and fellow band mates delivered to the crowd…it was one of the best days of my life!

LukeAppleton03 I know that you are not only a member of Iced Earth but also a big fan of the band. Which are your Top-3 albums of their back catalogue?

Luke Appleton: I get asked this question almost everyday on social media and my answer always changes haha! I love all Iced Earth albums for different reasons and theres a select few that have  some sentimental value to me. Framing Armageddon was the first Iced Earth album I ever bought, however Watching Over Me & Melancholy were the first songs I ever heard, so “Something Wicked This Way Comes” is very close to my heart too. I’ll try to answer your question for now.

Top 3 (at this moment in time): Something Wicked this Way Comes, Dystopia, Framing Armageddon And how about the classic “desert island” question…which are the 3 albums that you would take with you?

Luke Appleton: Man, I could be here for hours!!! I have some new favourite albums at the moment of a couple of artists I’ve more recently become fans of as well as the mighty Iron Maiden! Top 3: Myles Kennedy – Year of The Tiger, Amon Amarth – Jomsviking, Iron Maiden – Brave New World Last but certainly not least: What’s your message to the Greek fans?

Luke Appleton: GREECE! Most of you already know how much you all mean to myself, Iced Earth and my brothers in Absolva! However, I can never say thank you enough for your undying love and support for any of my projects so far. I am also extremely delighted to say that I will be returning to Greece with my solo project on September 4th, 5th & 6th to Thessaloniki, Skydra and Athens. I will be performing a variety of songs from my album Snake Eyes and a bunch of Iced Earth & Absolva classics acoustically. For more information please visit my website at: