I really enjoy that kind of projects. It’s not a tribute album per se; it’s not a normal release but a fresh look on classic songs that have stood the test of time. If you are one of those listeners that had welcomed with open arms Helloween’s last year’s “Unarmed” record, then you should definitely check out the Dutch outfit of Maiden United.
Quite possibly, you recognized that these guys are die-hard Maiden fans and this album focuses exclusively on “Piece of Mind”. But, these are not simply acoustic versions of the well-known songs of the Maiden classic release but…a different outtake! For example, “Where Eagles Dare” sounds like a jazz-fusion track with the acoustic guitars being blended wonderfully with the piano, “Flight of Icarus” could have easily fitted on a Manowar album while “Quest For Fire” would be the ideal choice for a mainstream bar lounge song list.

I sincerely hope for similar musical initiatives by those Dutchmen because they clearly have the talent and the guts for something bold and radical.

Highlight: In “To Tame A Land” guests Anneke Van Giersbergen.