Marvel – Warhawks Of War

Stockhol, Sweden, Tuesday, 9 pm at the club with Marvel and Tramp celebrating their albums’ releases. The place is packed. Alcohol flows, chit-chat going on, anticipation and adrenalin are pumping, everybody is hyped…

The lights go out, breath is lost, the attention is on stage. The first notes of “Hello” fill the speakers, the party starts, and the delirium begins… the atmosphere is hot. The front rows are banging like there is no tomorrow. Bras, panties, little pieces of paper with lipstick telephone numbers, and love notes are being thrown towards the four-piece band. Camera flashes are working overtime, iphones, smart phones and the rest record every drop of sweat dripping, while twits and facebook status updates dominate the social networks with raving comments… “Marvel Rocks”, “Marvel Kicks Ass”, etc
No, I wasn’t there, but that’s how I imagine the passion and the excitement that this amazing band from Sweden, that I just discovered, is able to create.
Just put some Rolling Stones, MC5, Sonic Rendez Vous, Skynyrd, Hellacopters, KISS, a member from Backyard Babies, as guest, tons of attitude,  millions of tattoos, amazing style, a singer that will remind you of Bowie, a band that spit flames, add ice, stir, and enjoy a true masterpiece, in the car, at home, or everywhere you’re going…