Marvel – The Hills Have Eyes


Within just a year after the release of “Hadal Zone Express” the musketeers Marvel return with a 6 track mini album that finds them in top form.

The song that gave its title to the album surprises with its totally pop feel and its trademark whistling melody that might be the softest song the band has ever recorded, but at the same time it’s totally trademark Marvel. Although it’s retro it sounds fresh and that’s exactly the case with the other big highlight of the “Hills Have Eyes”, the cover of W.A.S.P.’s all time classic “L.O.V.E. Machine” that the guys totally Marvel-ized. Instead of ‘80s metal it sounds like ‘70s rock and of course what’s crucial to that is that Blackie himself has a ton of influences himself. So, in the weirdest but coolest way it’s like returning this classic song to its roots. In general, there is no filler in this mini album which is also available on vinyl. Marvel-ous!

Highly recommended!