Miasmal – Tides Of Omniscience


We’ve said it before, something strange is going on over there in Sweden. Something about the water maybe? A country well known for many great bands, mostly in the melodic rock/metal sound or in the death metal sound.

And It’s quite easy to understand what these guys from Gothenburg like. They were founded nine years ago and this is their third full-length album. The guitars and vocals are true to the old-school sound and the songs are ranging from mid-tempo to thrashy, giving a variety to the album. It was recorded from their guitarist/vocalist Pontus while the mixing and mastering was done by the legend Fredrik Nordstrom. Songs like “Axiom”, “Key To Eternity” and “Venomous Harvest” are meant to be played live and cause chaos. Also, excellent closure with the best track of this album “The Shifting Of Stars”. “Tides…” is released in a very nice digipak (with bonus patch) and in vinyl (with bonus the CD). Old-school death metal maniacs, dig in without fear.

For the fans of: Grave, Dismember, Entombed