Mitch Malloy – Making Noise


Mitch Malloy will always be one of the finest and most unique artists of the so called melodic rock genre. His distinctive voice and his unparalleled talent has been with us for almost a quarter of a century now and his debut self-titled record has set the bar so high that all his consecutive efforts are evaluated and compared to this brilliant album. “Making Noise” was released on the 26th of August without the backing of a label (sign of the times, I guess) and Malloy means it when it says that “Making Noise” is a solo effort as he plays, produces and arranges everything on the album!

“Making Noise” is not a bad album…it’s a quite respectable endeavor that all the fans of the genre will surely enjoy. On the other hand, I know what Malloy can do and what he is capable of so I can be quite judgmental and harsh. I expected far more things from him and I truly believe that the compositions lack of a clear structure and path. We get classic rock (“Rock n’ roll”, “My Therapy”), melodic rock (“Life Has Just Begun”), ballads (“”It’s Just A Word”), mellow power pop (“Alone”) and all in all the result is kinda confusing. Unfortunately, in this time and age, we cannot invest on just OK albums. And it’s a pity because Malloy’s overall performance was stellar. But it’s the songs that fail to impress.

Highlight: Mitch Malloy was to appear for the very first time in Greece in November, but the show was postponed due to a serious injury he suffered We can’t wait for his show!