The band’s decline has started years back; this is not news. All they have proved with “Illud Divinum Insanus” is that they can do worst than we thought they could.

For starters the new opus is very odd compared to each and every previous Morbid Angel record. It is a frustrated attempt to combine death metal with industrial music. For this experiment the band used many electronic effects. Moreover the drumming has an unnatural sound; plus it lacks inspiration and on top of that it is rather loud as a result of the weird production. David Vincent’s vocals are truly unrecognizable…sometimes kind of cleaner….other times a bit hardcore-styled…either way he sounds bad.
There are four tunes (“Blades For Baal”,“Nevermore”, “Beauty Meets Beast”, “Radikult”) in this album that simply remind us that Morbid Angel belongs to the elite of Florida’s death metal bands and also that Trey Azagthoth knows very well how to write great riffs and put them together.
I don’t understand what they were thinking exactly but unfortunately “Illud Divinum Insanus” is a big failure.